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Our Inclusion team comprises Kate Dew, Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion and Safeguarding) and Alison Stroud, our Home School Link Worker (HSLW).  We are responsible for ensuring that your child gets the social, emotional, and mental health support and teaching and learning provision they require to thrive in our school.

We can arrange additional catch-up sessions, 1:1 direct teaching, and learning interventions for your child.  We can also arrange sessions for your child that supports them socially, emotionally and mentally.  We work with various agencies to provide the best support for your child and your family.

Please contact us to understand how we can support you, your family and your child.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Supporting ALL pupils to progress and achieve in their learning is what we do at CCSJ. We recognise that some children may need additional support to do this.

If your child has a special educational need (SEN) or a disability (D), our dedicated team of inclusion staff, led by Mrs Dew, Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion and Safeguarding), will work closely with you to ensure that your child is achieving to their full potential.

Our Special Educational Needs Information Report shows what you can expect from us at CCSJ.

SEND Information Report 2022/23 

The SEND achievement report maps how well our children with SEND achieve at major points throughout your child's time at CCSJ.

SEN Policy 

Should you require further support or should you wish to log a complaint about the support the school provides for your SEN child, please email Kate Dew, our Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion and Safeguarding):