Church Cowley St James Church of England Primary School

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At Church Cowley, we deliver high-quality Maths lessons which are fun, varied and appropriately challenging. Our curriculum allows children to make connections across mathematical ideas and develop the necessary skills to make sense of the world around them. We want children to see that Maths is part of our everyday life and to have a foundation they can build on into the future - our lessons incorporate fluency, reasoning and problem-solving to enable this to happen.

We believe it is essential for children to have a strong foundation of number and we follow our school calculation policy to ensure that knowledge is built on step by step, from nursery through to Year 6, giving them a secure foundation to ensure they progress in their Maths learning now and into the future.

We use the White Rose Maths scheme as a skeleton for the outline of our Maths learning, and we add or adapt this using other resources and our own professional judgement. Following a scheme across the school enables children to develop links and build on the knowledge, lesson on lesson and year on year.

However, we are proud to say that our experienced teachers modify each Maths lesson to ensure that during each lesson, every child, regardless of ability, is taught in a personalised way to take their knowledge and learning to the next level. We are delighted to say that this teaching style is ‘stand out’ across the county.

As well as our high-quality teaching in Maths, we also provide children with a program called Maths Whizz. This is an online platform which tutors children in areas of Maths it has assessed they need to develop further in. This high-tech program means that children can fill gaps in their learning throughout the year, both at home and in school, by using Maths Whizz.

Children at Church Cowley have a love of Maths and a strong desire to learn; we see this in their progress and the results they achieve over their time here.