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Parent Information

Parent Meetings

We run meetings throughout the year to provide families with information about how their child is doing in their class, the progress they are making and the steps we are taking to support them individually. These are online and in person, so not matter your availibility or schedule, there is always a chance to meet and talk.

In September, we run 'meet the teacher' meetings, where teachers can get to know their child's new teacher and find out about what they will be covering over the year in the class. 

If you want to meet your child's teacher outside of these events, please speak to them directly or contact the school office.

Parent View

We value the input we get from parents and families at the school as it helps us to make positive changes to the way we do things, ultimately creating a better place to learn and work. If you have feedback, you can always contact the school manager, Kerry Lenton at Alternatively, you can access Ofsted's Parent View page, where you can provide them with feedback. Click the link above to access this.

Friends of CCSJ

The ‘Friends of CCSJ’, our brilliant Parents and Staff Association (PSA) are a merry band of mothers and fathers, Nannies and Grandads that are instrumental in organising and running several events throughout the year that helps fund our school improvement and offer many fun events for the children.

They have raised a massive amount of money in the last three years (over £5,000) that has supported the curriculum development at the school.  Recent contributions have paid for 30 ukuleles, 30 Djembe drums, murals on the front of the school, play equipment for Reception and support for the building of the new library building.

If you’d like to help throughout the year or just one or two events, please click here to access their facebook group