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Science is all about learning about and exploring the world around us, asking deep questions and taking steps to find answers to life's big wonders.

Our school-developed Science curriculum is based on the idea that children are scientists: the children learn about the scientific approach, variables, fair testing and detailed recording. Lessons are carefully structured so that progression is clear and children build on their prior learning, developing their understanding of complex topics through increasingly rigorous testing processes.

We have an innovative, unique curriculum and delivered through our own high-quality 'workbooks' that provide a record of their scientific thinking, experimentation and outcomes. To provide the best scientific learning for all children, we've designed the curriculum to have clear lines of development of skills in each scientific strand across each year.

We are ambitious about what the children can achieve in science and ensure that if a child goes through our school years 1-6, they will enter secondary school far beyond the expected standards for a year 7 pupil.

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Our lessons incorporate big discussions on scientific concepts which address common misconceptions and develop their understanding of the world. It is through this complex discussion that children have the opporttunity to challenge and learn from each other.

We believe in equitable access to scientific thinking, which means everyone should be able to discuss scientific ideas and concepts, think and work like scientists, and learn about the world through exploration and examination. We also believe in equitable access to STEM fields in the future, so we promote Science to underrepresented groups through representation in our curriculum.

We love Science at CCSJ.

Here is what teachers and children at CCSJ say about our incredible Science curriculum:

Look at some of our workbooks (click on the pictures above), our long-term plan and our progression of skills and knowledge documents below.

We are currently supporting several schools in developing their Scientific thinking and Science curriculum.  In addition, we also sell our: Long term, Medium term planning, teacher daily plans, resource documents and workbooks through an easy-to-use app and printing company.

Please contact Steve Dew via the school office for more information.

Science: Long Term Plan Science: Progression of Skills  Science: Progression of Knowledge