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The world's future is unpredictable, and it is difficult to anticipate what children will need when they are adults to be successful in society. One apparent thing is that the future will likely be dominated by technology in social and occupational terms. Because of this, we value the use of technology - not only through enhancing children's learning today but by looking at emerging technologies to future-proof children's skills for their careers in the future.

We want children to be creators of technology and not just consumers.

To do this, we have created an aspirational computing curriculum embedded in their learning across the curriculum. It also gives them the skills to try new things, be creative and take a 'computational thinking' approach to problem-solving.

We have invested in new technologies: the whole-class set of virtual reality headsets children use each term enables them to immerse themselves in their learning and experience first-hand the complex themes and topics we cover. We also use a 360° camera on trips and visits, which allows children to revisit important parts for further discussion and reflection.

We have also invested in VexGo, a robotics design kit in which children build and code their robots for specific tasks. We also have 3D printers and a green screen film studio, which children use to create news reports and presentations.

We value children's safety when using technology, the risks involved, and our role in ensuring children have the necessary tools to stay safe online. We prioritise online safety throughout the computing curriculum and participate in Online Safety Week, where children learn the SMART Rules, which teach them how to be critical about the information they find and what to do if they feel unsafe.